Ayurvedic Tips to Drink Water

currently, would be a decent time to start out. Whereas not having decent water has several side-effects, it’s equally necessary that we have a tendency to square measure conscious of ‘how’ this water is consumed. The principles of written material counsel that the manner you select to drink water conjointly affects your overall health. fascinating, isn’t it? Ancient written material has varied theories relating to tips to drink water that are followed over centuries.

According to the book, the entire Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies by Vasant Lad,  It brings molecules along. Water could be a energy, which suggests it’s a universal chemical solvent. Water exists within the body as plasma, cytoplasm, serum, saliva, nasal secretion, bodily fluid, pee and sweat. it’s so necessary for absorption of nutrition and to take care of life; while not it, our cells cannot survive. Considering however essential water is to human life, here square measure some handy nevertheless necessary Ayurvedic tips to drink water.

1. Sit all the way down to Drink Water instead of Standing

It is a decent plan to perpetually sit and drink water instead of standing. By standing and drinking, you disrupt the balance of fluids within the body and this might cause a larger accumulation of fluids within the joints inflicting inflammatory disease. By sitting and drinking, your muscles and systema nervosum is far a lot of relaxed and helps the nerves to digest food and different fluids simply. Your kidneys conjointly pace the filtration method whereas sitting.

2. Avoid Chugging All the Water quickly

Avoid gulping down massive volumes of water in a very single breath, rather take smaller sip, swallow, breathe and repeat throughout the day. this is still true whereas having your meals too. in step with Ayurvedic knowledgeable, Dr. Akhilesh Sharma, “there square measure 3 doshasin the body – vata, tyrannid and kapha, and the way you consume water should be in accordance with these doshas. folks with vata prakruti ought to drink water only 1 hour when ingestion a meal. this can facilitate their food digest in a very higher manner. folks with tyrannid prakrutican have little sips throughout meals to start out their digestion method early and other people with kapha prakurti ought to have water before taking meals so they feel full and not eat a lot of. this can facilitate them melt off simply.”

3. Drink temperature water, heat is Even higher

Avoid ice chilled water that disturbs the continued method of digestion and puts off the fireplace. Cold water decreases the blood provide to varied organs of the body any resulting in constipation. Drinking warm water will facilitate in correct digestion and metabolism that promotes weight loss, relieves bloating and pain. in step with Dr. Akhilesh, heat water helps in in dominant cholesterin levels and conjointly keep the arteries clean.

4. Drink only if you’re Thirsty

Your body sends signals to you once it’s in dire want of water. written material emphasizes on potable only if you are feeling thirsty. one and all contains a totally different body, hence, drinking an equivalent quantity of water can not be counseled to everyone. The body cannot absorb an excessive amount of water intake; so it’s imperative to understand the thirst cues your body provides you. live your own drinking system while not feeling too full.

5. apprehend the symptoms your Body provides You after you square measure Thirsty

Your body provides you cues to allow you to are aware of it wants water. One being, the colour of pee, dark yellow color might indicate dehydration, whereas fairly clear and straw coloured pee could be a sign of a hydrous and satiate body. Dry roughened lips square measure one among the symptoms of a dehydrated body. Notice these cues as these might change into health issues.

6. Drink Water very first thing within the Morning

Ayurveda suggests that’s a healthy habit to drink water very first thing within the morning, that is thought as Ushapan. It helps get obviate several diseases within the body. potable within the morning helps in flushing all the toxins within the body and cleanses your intestines.

7. Drink Water hold on in Silver and Copper Vessels

Ayurveda has perpetually instructed potable hold on in copper (tamba) and silver (chaandi) vessels. The water hold on within these vessels has the power to balance all 3 doshas in the body and it will by absolutely charging the water. Dr. Akhilesh agrees and points out that copper has varied antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties that facilitate boost the immunne system of the body. It conjointly has anti-cancer properties. Water within the silver vessel has the facility to get rid of free radicals from the body and offers a cooling impact within the intestines and smoothens the method of digestion.
Important Tips for potable in Summer

According to Dr. Keerti Gupta from Kirti Ayurvedic Hospital , “Summer is named because the “Pitta Season” and afternoon time is tyrannid Kaal, that is hottest time of the day, therefore, written material suggests that you simply ought to drink most water throughout this era therefore on maintain the vital sign. you’ll conjointly incorporate some little changes together with adding tyrannid soothing ingredients in water that facilitate maintain body heat. a number of the ingredients embrace lemon, mint, kokum, and fennel seeds,khaskhasand rose petals.